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O'Brien Environmental Services (O.E.S.)

A Sole Service Consulting/Auditing Firm

20 + Years of Auditing Experience

At O.E.S., our goal is to provide waste generators with timely and accurate risk assessment/site evaluation information about waste management/recycling facilities that are currently approved for use, or to help generators find and/or evaluate potential sites for future use.

 Over 1,000 Waste Management Facility  Audits Conducted 

Over 500 U.S. & Canadian Facilities Inspected

Types Of Waste Management Facilities Audited:

•Subtitle D Landfills

•Subtitle C Landfills

•C&D and/or Asbestos Disposal Landfills

•RCRA Storage & Treatment Facilities

•Nonhazardous Storage & Treatment Facilities

•Hazardous Wastewater Treatment Facilities

•Nonhazardous Wastewater Treatment Facilities

•Used Oil Recycling Facilities

•Hazardous Incinerators

•Nonhazardous WTE Incinerator Facilities

•RCRA Permitted Deep Well Facilities

•Nonhazardous Deep Well Facilities

•Oil Field (E&P) Waste Treatment Facilities

•Oil Field Deep Well Facilities

•Radioactive Waste Management Facilities

•Electronic Waste Recycling Facilities

•Universal Waste Management Facilities

•Battery Recycling Facilities

•Lamp Recycling Facilities

•Medical Waste Treatment Facilities

•TSCA Permitted/PCB Management Facilities

To facilitate the evaluation process, O.E.S. provides Facility Review Reports to use as a site selection, risk assessment, and screening tool. Sample reports are available upon request. Click on The Report below for content information.


The report

to view a list of waste management facilities audited to date, download the PDF file below:

Audited Facility List (pdf)


For more information about our facility auditing program, pricing, and pending audits, contact us at OESaudits@aol.com or call 512-497-8211.