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O'Brien Environmental Services (O.E.S.)

audit protocol

Audit Process:

  • The facility is contacted  concerning the client's request for an audit.
  • Facility personnel are  interviewed via phone call to discuss facility operations.  
  • A pre-audit package/site profile is requested from facility and reviewed.
  • The Company webpage  is reviewed for additional information.
  • A pre-audit questionnaire/document request  may be sent to facility to obtain additional   information.
  • During the on-site  facility audit/inspection, facility personnel are   interviewed about the facility's operations and capabilities.
  • Additional information concerning the facilities history,  regulatory status, corrective actions, etc. are obtained.
  • Documents are  reviewed and copied.
  • The training  programs is reviewed with the Training Manager.
  • The Laboratory Manager is  interviewed.      
  • The site is  toured and inspected.
  • Exit  interviews are conducted with key personnel.
  • The Report writing  and completion begins.
  • Information search of electronic databases such as EPA Envirofacts, ECHO, and Google searches are conducted.  
  • Telephone interviews with Regulatory Agency Inspectors and/or Corrective   Action Managers, etc. are conducted.
  • Follow-up with facility contact about missing information, documents,   client-specific questions, etc.
  • The Report sent to  client.
  • After review by theclient, additional questions and clarifications are   provided