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Report pricing and client cost sharing

Report Pricing:  

Level II Report - $1,600 + travel expenses (typical total cost to client is less than $2,000 per report and is quoted as a "not to exceed" price). This price is for a  dedicated audit (one client only).  

 Client Cost Sharing:

 Clients requesting the same Facility Review Report can share in the  production cost of that report, resulting in a lower delivered price.  Cost sharing is available for up to six months after the report is published (if there are no objections from the audited facility or sponsoring company). The formula for cost sharing is a 20% discount for each additional client, as well as sharing of associated travel expenses. 

Existing Reports:

Published Reports may also be purchased with permission of the  audited facility. Price is typically half of original fee (i.e., $800 for a 6 month old Report and $500 for a Report more than one year old).