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The Facility Review Report

To assist generators in the site review process, O.E.S. has developed the Facility Review Report. The Report is a text based document containing descriptions of the facility's operation, history, compliance record, financials, etc., (see Report Content for a Table of  Content) and color pictures.  A typical Report contains 10 - 50 pages (depending on complexity of the facility). If preferred, the Report can also be provided as a PDF file.   Additionally, depending on the level of detail required to evaluate the subject waste management facility, O.E.S. can provide  multi-level reviews based on the client's needs (i.e., Level I, Level II,  and Level III Reports).    

Report Content

 Table of Contents -  Level II Facility Review Report
 Executive Summary

Site Inspection & Observation/Concerns Checklist

Sections 1:
1.0 Company Profile
1.1 Parent Company
1.2 Site Profile
1.3 Site History
1.4 Surrounding Land Use
1.5 Security
1.6 Emergency Preparedness
1.7 Environmental Monitoring

Section 2
2.0 Permits
2.1 Permit Summary
2.2 Authorized Waste
2.3 Prohibited Waste

Section 3
3.0 Waste Management/Treatment/Disposal Operations

Section 4
4.0 Waste Acceptance/Rejection
4.1 Laboratory
4.2 Receipt Control/Waste Tracking Section

Section 5
5.0 Residuals Management
5.1 Residuals Generated/Management
5.2 Storm Water Management

Section 6
6.0 Regulatory Compliance Status
6.1 Agency Contacts & Interviews
6.2 Summary of Agency  Compliance Inspection Reports
6.3 Site-Specific  Regulatory Actions
6.4 Current Site-Specific Litigation
6.5 Reportable Quantity Releases & Contingency Plan Events  
6.6 OSHA Investigations & Logs
6.7 Review of EPA Envirofacts

Section  7

7.0  Company Financial Assurance
7.1 Liability Insurance
7.2 Site  Closure
7.3 Financial Ratios
7.4 Financial Statements  


Client Specific Information

Note: Specific topics and information not covered in the standard report can be added at the  clients request.